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Hope Is Where the Heart Is

About Us

Welcome to Freya's Healing House!

At Freya's Healing House, we are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for individuals recovering from substance abuse and mental health disorders. Our unique approach combines housing, clinical health services, and holistic wellness to support our residents on their journey to recovery and transformation.

Located in Middletown and Lebanon, Ohio, our Healing House serves as a beacon of hope and healing in the community. We understand that recovery is not just about abstaining from substances but also about rebuilding lives and creating sustainable pathways to wellness.

Stone Balancing


We rely on the generosity of our community to sustain and enhance our programs. Your donations and service hours can make a profound difference in the lives of our clients and the broader community. By supporting Freya's Healing House, you are not only helping individuals stay safe and sober but also equipping them with the tools they need to lead fulfilling and productive lives.


Join us in our mission to create a healthier and happier community. Together, we can make a positive impact and inspire lasting change. Thank you for considering Freya's Healing House for your support.

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